Solr Pager 0.2.0 released

I’ve just published solr_pager a search component for Solr that should make paging easier. It’s main use should be by XSLT transformation (using XSLT writer), so one should not bother anymore with slow recursive XSLT hacks and only apply fast templates on paging list in search result.

Initial version 0.2.0 can be found on Documentation is bundled 😉

I’ve tested it against development version of Solr 1.4, but I think it should works also with currently stable Solr 1.3 (If not let me know, I’ll try to fix it).

How it works:

After install Solr Pager and configuring Solr to use Pager component for results (see README file), one should simply pass pager parameter with number of pager starts that should be generated (pager=10) to search query and list of pager start will be returned in response, smth. like this:

 <lst name="pager">
 <lst name="pages">  <!-- list of all pages -->
   <int name="2">25</int>
   <int name="3">50</int>
   <int name="4">75</int> <!-- this is actual page -->
   <int name="5">100</int>
   <int name="6">125</int>
   <int name="7">150</int>
   <int name="8">175</int>
   <int name="9">200</int>
   <int name="10">225</int>
   <int name="11">250</int>
 <int name="prev">50</int>  <!-- previous page, with start = 50 -->
 <int name="next">100</int>  <!-- next page, with start = 75 -->
 <int name="last">1225</int> <!-- last page, with start = 1225 -->
 <int name="actual">4</int> <!-- actual page number -->
 <int name="count">49</int> <!-- count of all pages -->

There is also another parameter pager.pre that sets how many proceeding pager starts should be generated, one pager start will be generated for actual page and all other pages will be pager starts of pages following the actual page.

Name is position of the page starting from 1 and node value is parameter (document position) that should be passed back to solr as value for start parameter.

It’s simple component, so it should have no bugs (HA HA), but if found any plz. report them to me. Also if you have some interesting and usable feature or patch that could be added to Solr Pager, again,don’t be ashamed and let me know.

LDAP + SASL authentification

I’ve found again, that simple things don’t get so simple in OpenSource world, and you have to do it yourself when you want something. That’s the difference, in the world of commercial software you have to, either pay big money or you never get feature you need (and mostly both ;-))

I’ve  slightly unusual and paranoid subversions svnserve setup (which i’ll describe later) and my requirement was to use LDAP for user authentication. Well i’know there is possibility to use apache ldap authentication for this, but running separate web server only for having this, is imho not a good idea. So my next try was SASL authentication that svn now supports.  New dilemma raised, because subversion disallows PLAIN authentication mechanism, I needed either plain text passwords in LDAP or write my own SASL plugin. Fortunately i’ve found this page, with existing solution and (almost) working code.

Subversion however didn’t cooperated well with this (ie. it passes realm within username to sasl etc…), so i’ve to made some modifications to let this work for me and my existing setup. So here it is eldap (easy ldap) auxprop module.

I’ve made some cleanups to the code, simplified installation, added some little features and fixed some bugs and I’m releasing this as separate module (however still compatible with original gienger ldap). Later i’m planning to describe how to modify your LDAP (and some ldap user management applications) to let it work with this. Till than you have to read original post about how to do it (or bug me).

I hope it helps you.