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windows – exporting non-exportable private key

April 5th, 2012 No comments

If you are trying to export windows certificate with private key, and windows export wizard provides no such possibility (export with private key is grayed out) because private key has been install as non-exportable (what is the default when importing, what almost nobody changes), there is a great tool mimikatz that makes this possible.

Download it from

And follow this procedure:

  1. crypto::patchcapi (or crypto::patchcng if previous did not work)
  2. crypto::listKeys (or crypto::listCertificates) to list keys/certificates
  3. crypto::exportKeys (or crypto::exportCertificates) to export what you want

That’s all. Exported keys will be protected with password ‘mimikatz‘ – you will need to enter it when importing certificate again.


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Security fail (Google)

April 7th, 2010 No comments

Just a quick post about a little (and nasty) bug I’ve found in Google Docs. I’ve already contacted Google 2 months ago (11 Februar), but they seem to have better work (counting money or smth. like that) and I didn’t received any response nor the bug has not been fixed.


Anyone with invite link to some specific document stored in Google Docs, can view this document regardless of sharing properties defined. This includes also guest visitors of the document, and that means no signing-in to Google Docs service is required to access such a link and view private document.  Well maybe this is some kind of ultra easy accessibility feature, but for me it looks like a bug ;-)


This document is private, shared only with one another account and i presume you can not view it, but if you use this link

you can see it’s content. Not very optimal.

How-to reproduce:

  1. create document
  2. share it with someone
  3. use the invite link to feel like a hacker and view your own private document without being signed-in,

How-to abuse:

Well not so easily, you must get the invite link somehow. But, I think it is not so hard as it seems. The invite link works even after the original user has been disallowed to view the document, so something as revoking access to a Google Document to someone that already had access to is is only a pure dream.

Have a nice day

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