Asuswrt Merlin firmware for RT-N16

I’ve hacked together and up-to-date version of Asuswrt Merlin firmware for oldie but goldie Asus RT-N16 router. Beware, this firmware is only intended for use by advanced users.


  • all features of recent Asuswrt Merlin firmware version 380.61 (the ones that work)
  • up-to-date software, including ie. openssl
  • Android app works (nice plus)
  • running stable, I’m using it as secondary AP without any problems


  • some admin pages are segfaulting (mostly the one providing advanced Merlin-only functions)
  • once you are running this image, only manual upgrade is possible (mtd-write -i -d linux)

Because I’m not expecting that many people out there are using RT-N16 router as its primary router anymore and all of this bugs can be workarounded from command line, I consider these bugs mostly as cosmetic. But I’ll hopefully fix them when some other major Merlin release comes out.


Enjoy 😉