PowerDNS + systemd fail

I encountered this problem again, so let’s write it down to avoid googling it.


PowerDNS fails to start with
pdns.service: Failed at step ADDRESS_FAMILIES spawning /usr/sbin/pdns_server: Invalid argument


  1. edit /lib/systemd/system/pdns.service
  2. comment out RestrictAddressFamilies
  3. comment out ProtectSystem=full
  4. possibly kill systemd-resolved
  5. systemctl daemon-reload
  6. ask yourself again, why are you using debian with systemd on server ? And why the hell it is starting services I’ve never configured to start ? Isn’t it time to switch to windows ? It seems more predictable to me…

TINC VPN config generator

tinc is a great mesh Virtual Private Network daemon, with just one little glitch (and also some little crypto problems ;-). I find its configuration really tedious and complicated compared to OpenVPN and its possibility to centrally assign IP addresses and push options to clients. I know, that’s the tax for being mesh, but wouldn’t it be great to configure your mesh network a bit centrally ?

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Using log-malloc2 for unit testing memory allocations

Latest version of log-malloc2 library has (IMHO) an unique little feature, that makes it well suited for unit testing memory allocations. It provides simple API for inquiring actual memory usage at runtime. This way, it is possible to compare usage before entering and after leaving some function, to ensure that there are no memory leaks inside of it.

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