No more systemd on server.

Some time ago I’ve tried to solve a ‘funny’ issue with PowerDNS. It refused to start on one of my backup VPS. After apt-get dist-upgrade, it first stopped to work with very meaningful ‘Failed at step ADDRESS_FAMILIES‘  error. Well, I’ve managed to solve it somehow, but then another ‘funny’ problem popped out…

PowerDNS + systemd fail

I encountered this problem again, so let’s write it down to avoid googling it. Problem: PowerDNS fails to start with pdns.service: Failed at step ADDRESS_FAMILIES spawning /usr/sbin/pdns_server: Invalid argument Solution: edit /lib/systemd/system/pdns.service comment out RestrictAddressFamilies comment out ProtectSystem=full possibly kill systemd-resolved systemctl daemon-reload ask yourself again, why are you using debian with systemd on server […]

Selective routing on Linux

Sometime it’s needed to selectively route specified IPs or networks via different interface – i.e. if you want to route private addresses over VPN (a.k.a split tunnel routing) or to route some public IPs over VPN to unblock some nationally restricted sites (Netflix). Here are simple scripts to achieve this.